Monday, April 22, 2013

I have a problem

I keep taking in strays.

You would think that after all of the disasters that have happened as a direct result of helping some poor lost soul would stop me by now, but no. Even as tired and burned out as I am right now, I find a way to get myself in an even worse situation.

The man who was following me, his name is Ryan. He's a reporter or a private detective or something like that. Probably should have paid more attention. The basic point is that he is looking in to a series of kidnappings and has somehow gotten it into his head that following me around will help him find out what's going on.

In short, he's an idiot.

But I have a soft spot for idiots apparently.

So he has no idea what he's walking in to. And I am not nice enough to turn him away. So he's following us around, adding another mouth to feed, and when He inevitably comes, no doubt he'll turn into a highly liable blubbering moron.

Seriously. I need to stop doing this.


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  2. I suppose it's better to go mad in company than alone.

    1. I suppose. But do you ever have the nagging feeling that your actions are going to get everyone killed?

      Maybe that's just me.

    2. I get the nagging feeling my actions won't save anyone's life.

      Stems from the same root.

    3. I find the greatest risk in saving a life is how many deaths a saved soul can rack up in a renewed life time.

      Same root. My fear is cynical. Yours is narcissistic.

      I can't grasp either of your fears though. If people are going to die regardless of whether or not you act, why hesitate? If your fail state is an unchanged situation, what have you got to loose?


  4. It's the hardest habit to break. Harder, even, than kicking a cocaine addiction to the curb.