Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have temper issues

I've been much better lately. I've been trying for Elizabeth, really. But sometimes things happen.

And today, what has happened is that a lovely commenter by the name of Artsyom came onto to my blog, threatened my granddaughter, threatened someone I'm fairly fond of, and attempted to prove just how much cooler he was than me. Which naturally hit me in my ego.

I've missed my ego. I haven't really had it since my husband died.  It was a strange way to get it back, I suppose. But that is life sometimes.

I haven't lied on this blog. In fact I've been so transparent I'm surprised that everyone who reads this hasn't figured it out. But the longer it goes on, the more it feels like a deception. The more I realize I'm hiding from myself.

I admit, I like having people support me for once. It was a good run. But I could change every single aspect of myself, and I would still be me. So I need to stop running from it.

My name is David Banks.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Loneliest Time of the Year

Grandpa has the mopes again. I don't blame him. I'm not even old enough to date, really, but this time of year still sucks. There's plenty of people I miss, so I can't even imagine what poor Grandpa must be going through. Or anyone else that's lost a spouse or a girlfriend or a boyfriend or whatever.

Valentines day sucks. Even super cheap candy isn't really enough to redeem it. Grandpa's miserable, Ryan's still checked out, and I can't really do much to fix any of this. Hugs from your granddaughter can only fix so much. Screw the stupid hallmark holiday for making people feel bad for not having someone.