Friday, May 17, 2013

I've been having nightmares

Not that I'm not used to nightmares. They've always been far more common than dreams for me. But there was a point of time when they weren't that bad. I didn't think much of it back then of course. But now I wonder.

It's possible that he was holding the dreams back. It makes a certain sort of sense. I would be more used to him if I got a full night's sleep.

Of course now that I've left, I am afforded no such luxuries. He has been sending me terrors instead of sparing me from them. It's a rather sound military tactic.

I think it's working.

Ryan makes Elizabeth sleep as far as possible from me. He knows that if she hears me screaming she'll want to help, and her getting no sleep helps none of us.

I still hardly like him, but I owe him that much.

We need to get moving again, but I am in no shape to travel.

I hate being the one who slows us down.


  1. Sorry to hear that. I wish there was something I could say other than 'the nightmares aren't real', but you know that. The worst thing about nightmares is how real they seem at the time, and how they are specific to your fears.

    Before you go to sleep, have a sort of routine, and what sleep you do get will be of better quality.

    1. It's sometimes hard to have a routine while you're being hunted. But I'll give it a shot. Thank you.

  2. Nightmares suck, but eventually you get used to them.

    1. It's less about the nightmares for me, and more about the lack of sleep. Nightmares are never pleasant of course.

      But you're right, you get used to them.

    2. There's always sleeping pills, if you can't sleep through them.