Wednesday, May 1, 2013

There have been many questions asked

and I've answered very few of them. I feel like that is cause for an apology, but the truth is I'm not all that sorry about it. My secrets are my own, and I don't feel obligated to share them with strangers.

Of course, that leads you to not trusting me. Which ends up defeating this particular exercise. Now I don't need implicit trust. I'd find you a moron if you gave it. But a willingness to listen to me in good faith that I mean well is needed.

So, while I am rather firm on not talking much about who I am, I will tell you why I'm here. Enter another theory into fray:

The Light Theory

A lot of people worry about the How. How does the slender man appear and reappear, how do loops work, how can we defeat him. These are all very good questions. But I've always been more interested in the why.

Why does he go after some and not others? There is occasionally a childhood link, but not always. And he certainly doesn't go after every child with this sort of obsessive attitude. So what is it that makes those in this world so attractive to him?

My theory is that he goes after people who could make a difference.

Elizabeth for instance. She is one of the most remarkable people I've met. When I look at her, I can see everything she could in the future. All of the things she could do to make the world better. I imagine that's why he goes after them young. They are so full of potential then. So full of light.

Perhaps you've noticed how resourceful runners are. Or intelligent or just so stubborn that it's a bit worthy of awe. You are the world builders, the peacemakers.

And the slender man is hunting you down one by one.

The insanity loss, the deaths, the constant running from psychotics who may or may not have been just like you at one point. It's a way to wear you down. To dull your light.

And that is why I am here. To slow down the decay of those that could benefit the world. The unofficial guardian of hope and potential. I don't particularly believe I am the best person for the job, but it's something to do. A way to help.

And who knows, maybe if I do this I'll get my own light back.


  1. Very interesting idea I must admit, however this does beg the question what about the ones that disappear? Not all of us die or are turned proxy some just vanish ex: M. Is Slendy maybe collecting certain ones that pass some insane test maybe? He might not be dulling lights on purpose as much collecting them and this dulling being a side effect.

    My BS thoughts on your theory.

  2. This is a flattering, but very intriguing theory. Any idea why he'd be doing this?

  3. Interesting. Never really thought of the why. Nice to see someone out there who has. And, that's a good cause that you've taken up.

  4. Is does have sense, taking in mind The Game thing.. Guess the Abomination is smarter that it looks~~

    If you ever get tired of running or keeping alive that child alone, we have this refugee camps all around the border, here you could find food, water, ammunition, and decent people who have went through the same nightmare willing to watch each other backs.

    And don't worry, women and children don't need to enter the corps.

    1. As generous as your offer appears to be, I am going to have to turn you down.

      It seems that I am going to divulge some personal information after all. I imagine that many people have pieced this together, but I actually was a proxy for quite a while. And while the entire business tore away almost everyone I loved, destroyed my independence, and ultimately was not good to me in pretty much any aspect at all, I do still hold rather high esteem for Him.

      I believe you missed a mildly subtle part of this theory. Proxies? They were you once. Full of light. Possibly more so since they were mowed down first. I resent your stance on them.

      So with all due respect please change your name, then go fuck yourself with a rusty sawblade.

    2. You don't know anything about what is happening in Mexico, do you?

      Screw you, once a proxy, always a proxy. Maybe a controled proxy, but one as well. I know that by BAD experience.

      Guess that if I ever run by my 'tocallo', I will just rip the name out of his spine.

      By the way, that name is not something you can change as you please, only in death you can be called back to how people used to call you.

    3. I don't need to know what's happening in Mexico. I know what's happening everywhere else. You're free to try, but I don't think you'll get far with trying to rip anything off me.

      And don't presume I know nothing about the nature of names. I know enough. And it took enough effort and care to go by this. I am not going to let a militaristic zealot like you ruin my name. So change it. You don't have to go back. Try moving forward.

    4. Oh ho ho!~~

      Of course I can get a lot by tearing you apart from the name-o!I have this brother who really likes to open things, mainly corpses, to find out how stuff works. We are currently working in the development of a drug that could keep proxys slender-free or at least calm enough to keep them from scraping their limbs off in the walls and making our 'tests' more secure. He is quite interested in test subjects that match your antecedents of defiance.

      Ha! you want to 'deliver light' and want me to change my name! There is only one thing that name can deliver, for bad or good sake.

    5. You do have one thing right.

      There's only one thing this name can bring.

      Do you really want to test me?

    6. Sure.

      Name a place and set the time, 'tocallo'!

    7. I see no such need to prove myself. And I've got a kid to protect.

      But if you're ever feeling suicidal, come find me.

    8. Look at their light, Azael. Look at what runners become... us.

      Some much potential but its always seems to get geared in one direction.
      Hopeless slaughter.

      Atrocities to save their souls.

  5. AWWW, Slendy thinks I'm special :3

    1. Oh you poor misguided child. I am going to try to actually be nice about this, since you have put yourself in a difficult situation and this is something you need to actually listen to. Of course, try is the operative word.

      No, the slender man does not think you're special. I assure you, if he did you would know. In one form or another, you would know. And you wouldn't have to search for him.

      Your love for the slender man is one sided. I don't think he really has affection for anyone of course. But attention he does show, and it appears that for one reason or another, he has skipped over you.

      I am not going to tell you this is a good thing because of all the pain and such that you would go through if he did find you interesting. You've heard that already, I imagine. What I am going to tell you is that you shouldn't spend your time looking for someone who doesn't love you as much as you love them. It isn't good for anyone. It really isn't good for you.