Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Elephant in the room

Has anyone ever wondered how that phrase started?

Did someone actually put an elephant in a room or something? I admit, I'd pay to see that.

But I mentioned that I have left Em and Ryan and started traveling on my own. No one's asked about it, in which I'm grateful. But I imagine some of you have been wondering why. And while I have contemplated whether or not I wanted to tell anyone, I have decided to come out with it.

I'm being haunted.

All right, so that's a fairly melodramatic way of putting it. But it's sort of what's going on. A few days after Ryan was once again Lost, I woke up to see a familiar figure in my bed. I figured it was just one of those trick dreams. The kind where you think you're awake even though you're not. But I didn't wake up again, and the figure spoke.

"Hello Darling. Did you miss me?"

Nightscream stood there, the bladed gauntlet on his hand making tapping noises against a nearby nightstand. He looked just like I remembered him. Well, how I remembered him before Redlight got inside his head and brought low the strongest of all of us.

No one is immune to this world.

At this point, I really did think I was dreaming. I told the figure of Nightscream as much, and proceeded to try and ignore him until I would finally snap out of it. But everything felt too real. Dreams never get sensations quite right. It always feels like an approximation of a sense. But I could hear the wind blow through the flimsy window. I had to squint my eyes due to the low light. And when Nightscream used his gauntlet to raise my chin and lock our eyes I could feel the cold hard steel just as well as everything else.

Nightscream did have the courtesy to explain it to me. He wasn't a dream. More like a hallucination. A "gift" from the Slender Man. Although as time has dragged on, a hallucination is perhaps not the right word for it. He is in my head, and only I can see, hear, feel him.

But he is not Nightscream as only I would see him. He has not been drawn merely from my own head but from so many sources that it is almost a perfect copy. He is Nightscream. And he is alive.

I have spent... months. With him by my side. It is terrifying how much I long for good conversation and the simple warmth of being near another human being.

That is what I am being offered. An eternal companion. Someone who cannot die, who will not leave. A challenge and an equal and a chance to make right one of my greatest mistakes.

All I had to do was come back. Stop running and serve Him once more.

I have yet to make a decision. Even now Nightscream sits by my side, chiding me gently. Trying to hide his fear.

Believe me, as nontraditional as it may be, this Nightscream is alive. And if I refuse this offer... I will once again be responsible for his death.

You know, when I first left the Slender Man, I had always intended on coming back. I just needed to figure out who I was. Find a new reason to serve.

But I still haven't found it. Often I find reasons to oppose him, even when he offers such tempting rewards with such devastating consequences of refusal.

But I can't stay in limbo any more. As pleasant as it is.

I'm sorry Nightscream.


  1. Ask the hallucination fucker if you can kill and eat it. If you're gonna be responsible for that shit anyway, don't do it for thAT STUPID TALL ASSHOLE. You're strong too. So strong.

  2. You already let Screamer die once... Not surprising that you'd do it again. At least we know now that Good Guy David is more than willing to let all those close to him get thrown into a void of death and suffering, just so he can get some R&R. Take notes, Cat.

  3. As far as I'm concerned, Ghostscream isn't real. We both know damn well the real screamer isn't in David's head. The real one will know endless death and and suffering in Plague's void regardless of what David does here.

    Ghostscream is but a memory. One David has with or without Father's gift. Albeit far less vividly with out. That said, I'm sad as always to hear we won't be able to count David among our ranks again. But I respect his decision, whatever the outcome.

  4. I would have liked to see you choose the decision that makes you feel best about yourself in the long term. I hope you chose it.

  5. You disgust me. Nightscream or whoever relies on you and you are betraying him. He trusts you and needs you and you are so selfish as to destroy him for your own benefit. No wonder Gray thinks you're such a monster.

    -The Kor